Our video hosting and video on-demand platform is perfectly tailored to the needs of online tutors. We aim to make everything as simple as possible for you so that you can concentrate on what really matters: teaching students.

One way we make your life easier is through our video hosting platform. All content is protected under digital rights management, meaning it’s safe from unauthorised downloading and sharing. But what is video hosting, and how does it help online tutors?

What is video hosting for online tutors?

Video hosting is an incredibly popular service online. In short, it refers to a video being stored on a cloud service where it can be viewed by customers.

Perhaps the most obvious example is YouTube, which allows users to access a video by visiting their website. Alternatively, you can embed videos from a hosting service in a website page.

As an online tutor, you upload your video onto our hosting platform. You can then link students to the relevant video and lesson, making the process quick and simple.

What are the benefits of using video hosting for online tutors?

Along with the process of video hosting being really easy and quick to use, there are several other benefits. These don’t just apply to online tutors, but definitely make their lives easier.

  1. Less demanding on bandwidth.
    The most obvious advantage for online tutors is that it’s less demanding on your personal bandwidth. Rather than uploading or streaming a video lesson every time you use it, you simply link your student to the video so they can watch it.
  1. Removes the need for storage.
    Hosting your videos on our online platform removes the need for you to store them on your computer. Sure, you might want to keep a personal copy, but these can be moved to external storage if needed. Ours is a cloud-based service, meaning the videos are stored remotely but can be accessed at any time.
  1. Our videos are security protected with our video player.
    A major concern for online tutors is that their videos will be shared and downloaded by students. These unauthorised downloads mean potential lost revenue for online tutors.
    Luckily, all of our videos are protected by DRM. This limits end-user functionality and prevents them from downloading or sharing any videos you provide access to.
  1. You don’t need advanced computer knowledge, just place our code and you have a video player with your video content supporting all video formats, all phones or desktops
    Gone are the days when you needed an advanced degree in computing to understanding basic online video hosting. Our video hosting service is incredibly easy to use, as you just need to open an account, upload your videos, and share the links with students.

We take care of all the complicated programming and converting, so you can concentrate on using your time more efficiently.

So if you’re an online tutor looking for the fastest and most efficient way to manage your content, use our video hosting service. We make the process simple and accessible, and guarantee that all your content is protected under DRM. So what are you waiting for, get started today!

Whistream video platform main features:

video sharing – even with our protection you can share your videos, as a video snippet or even the full video for video marketing.

social media – we have a smart Q&A feature that allows your users to ask a question on a specific time in the video, this questions going in to your FB page and the answer going to the player and your FB page, what makes your page stronger with new traffic and your site interactive.

videos on your website – whistream video players are ad free, no branding, it’s looks like a part of your site. you can customize the colors and branding to your needs.

video analytics – Strong analytics means strong insights, we have an intuitive dashboard with graphs on each video in a second level in the video, how many users saw a specific part of the video, how many repeats, how many devices etc.