Little history:

The HTML5 standard was released in 2008, but the only ones that supported it were Firefox at that time an expandable browser with less than 10% of market segment.

In 2010, the standard began to pick up momentum, YouTube has already released the version of the HTML5 player to support browsers, but the more significant is the statement by Steve Jobs, which stops supporting Flash on Apple devices. A year later, Adobe announced that it was no longer supporting its product for mobile devices and two years later stopped supporting Flash entirely.
Today there is nothing that can not be done in HTML5 but can be done in Flash so Adobe stopped supporting Flash entirely. Moreover, what is done in HTML5 usually requires less resources from your computer.

Disadvantages of the Flash player:

  1.  There is no support and development today on Flash, if you have problems or need a new development, you will have to deal alone.
  2.  Waste – flash players consume a lot of resources and sometimes see video in lags because of their inefficiency (at high resolutions).
  3.  Installation – Today the computers come without Flash support, which means that in order to see video through Flash players you will need to install Adobe software. Over 50% of PCs do no support Flash today!
  4.  Customization – Very limited, for player adjustments a dedicated developer is required for the Flash platform.
  5.  Mobile compatibility – Mobile devices are not supported.

Disadvantages of the HTML5 player:

  1. Information security – The files that the player plays are in predetermined formats, easy to download and can be stolen by download programs.
  2. The player format is very standard and not flexible.
  3. Waste of bandwidths.
  4. Broad standard – HTML5 video standard is very wide standard and each operating system chooses to use the standard in a different way, so any change from the base of the device requires many adjustments.

Advantages of the HTML5 player:

  1. Efficiency – The resource consumption of the computer is very low. Similar to playing through dedicated computer software.
  2. New features such as fast forward etc’.
  3. Easy design that supports HTML and CSS.
  4. Full support for JS so that any developer can expand the capabilities of the player.
  5. Overwrite content on video while playing.

Benefits of working with us:

  1. Uncompromising HTML5 security  – we know how to protect against download programs such as internet download manager, including Chrome Firefox plugins and so on. It’s affordable without     the crazy costs of DRM s to their liking.
  2. We work according to the latest standards , which puts you at the front of technology and enables us to support the latest features.
  3. Player compatibility for relevant features in the sector of online tutoring.

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