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Our Features

DPA – protection from downloads

Download Protection Algorithm – A unique algorithm that prevents illegal video downloads, keeps your content from being passed on a USB flash disk among students or uploaded to the net.

DRM – video encription

A private DRM to protect your rights! over our download protection our DRM will protect your content with video encription 256bit, so your video content in a good hands.


Out anti user grouping module will protect your sales! by understanding the unique behaviour of a user we can track username sharing between friends and block it.

Interactive Q&A

Any user can ask questions in a specific time in the video, if your think it’s a good questions, this question will apear in the timeline of the video for other users.

Marketing tools

Our interactive Q&A feature can integrate to your FB page and all the questions and answers by the users will push your FB page and spread your business.

Pop quiz

In our platform your can set a pop quiz in the middle of the video, list of questions, mandatory pop quiz and more.

Full API

Our system is one of the most advanced technologies so anything that can be done in the system can also be done in our API. You can develop anything you see in our system for yourself.

Auto Transcripts

A unique transcription system that automatically transcribes your video and generates a subtitle file. A convenient adjustment system that can correct or edit the subtitles and get feedback from the users on the transcription. This system also promotes your video in the search engines.

Phone Support

All our packages have unlimited phone support. We’ll help you set up your account, help your developers use our advanced services and even open special features for you with special requirements.

Multi bitrate

All you have to do is upload the video without fear of high quality, the system will know how to prepare the required movie for all existing platforms, computers tablets and smartphones automatically. Thus each viewer will receive the highest quality film that can be viewed.


Whistream is a unique product that actively prevents the theft of video content. We understand that the video is your asset and we will protect it, yet you will still be able to allow video sharing by our marketing tools, thus increasing your potential audience and all without fear of unwanted downloads.


Content delivery network, worldwide servers in 5 regions, fast delivery for a smooth user experience

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