DRM – video encryption

A private adjustable DRM to protect your rights! over our download protection our DRM will protect your content with video encryption 256bit, so your video content is in good hands.

Anti travelers & Domain protection

Traffic encrypt via SSL with a refferer domain name protectionm and URI sigrnature that protect from content munipulation.


Download Prevention Algorithm – A unique algorithm that prevents illegal video downloads, keeps your content from being passed on a USB flash disk among students or uploaded to the net.


Anti user grouping module will protect your sales! by understanding the unique behavior of a user we can track username sharing between friends and block it.


Auto subtitles & Auto Transcripts

Generate automatically subtitles for your video, with a powerful system in 25+ languages, audit and edit the subtitle with an awsome UX platform.

Playback speed

Let your users set the playback rate. This way, students who are quick learners will be able to save viewing time and learning time on your site!

Multi bitrate

All you have to do is upload the video without fear of high quality, the system will know how to prepare the required movie for all existing platforms, computers tablets and smartphones automatically. Thus each viewer will receive the highest quality film that can be viewed.


Interactive Q&A

Any user can ask questions on the timeline of the video, if your think it’s a good question, this question will appear in the timeline of the video for other users.

Pop quiz

In our platform, you can set a pop quiz in the middle of the video, a list of questions, a mandatory pop quiz and more.

FB Marketing tools

Our interactive Q&A feature can integrate to your FB page and all the questions and answers by the users will push your FB page and spread your business.


You can create as many playlists as you need, this way you can create a full video length from small parts videos for a specific cause.


Google analytics integration

fully integrated with your google analytics account to continue working like you use to.

Session investigator

With our session investigator you can understand what a specific session did, which videos were completed, and the videos that the user stopped in the middle.

Extensive analytics

Extensive analytics allow you to understand what parts of the video works and what parts of the video need some changes, with our analytics you can see a specific time in the video that your students seeing more then one time



completely RESTful API, fully integrated to any system, with extensive events and transparency of the data. fully documented.


You can register into specific events from the player to react and audit the player and the user activities

JS injection

Your developer can inject your BI code into our players with our JS injection module. this way you can customize the player's behavior and more.

Customize design

Fully customize player with extensive CSS injections and the ability to change the theme of the player, controllers.