What is exactly the Fast forward feature?

Since our center of activity as an Internet company is engaging with online streaming video companies, we are constantly trying to update and improve the experience and use of our video platform for both content providers and end users. Hence, we developed from scratch a new interface embedded in our video platform that allows all end users to set the video file playback rate at two different speeds 1.5 times and twice the original speed.

The interface is indicated by an icon of two adjacent arrows to fast forward on the player bar.

Capabilities and advantages of Fast Forward:

Compatibility – This interface provides different playback and video playback options compatible with the end user comfort, 1.5 times and twice as fast as the original speed, which preserves video sound and video quality, thus enabling the viewing experience to be more efficient.

Improving the users experience – We work with many companies that provide educational content and video on internet sites, and from there arises the need to improve the learning experience for students, who complain that they can watch the lesson at a faster pace and thus improve the learning experience and use of your site. For example, a student who watches a 40-minute lecture and prefers to shorten and improve learning time can do so now by changing the speed of the video playback by 2 times the original speed, thereby learning the required material from half the original amount of time, thus improving the learning experience.

Mobile – The Fast Forward interface is also available in the platform player in all types of cellular phones (smartphones), tablet and maintains the quality and experience of viewing from anywhere in the world.

Higher availability for your site – As more and more end users use the Fast Forward interface the will reduce your website usage time, visitors will be less likely to be overloaded and more accessible to end users on the site.

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