Automated transcription/ Accessibility

The Internet has become a significant part of every person’s everyday life. Today everyone uses the web for studding and receiving information. Over the years and with the experience big amount of website owners have concluded that there is important business and social logic in making websites accessible to people with disabilities. Almost 25% of […]

Fast Forward

What is exactly the Fast forward feature? Since our center of activity as an Internet company is engaging with online streaming video companies, we are constantly trying to update and improve the experience and use of our video platform for both content providers and end users. Hence, we developed from scratch a new interface embedded […]

Secured HTML 5 player

Little history: The HTML5 standard was released in 2008, but the only ones that supported it were Firefox at that time an expandable browser with less than 10% of market segment. In 2010, the standard began to pick up momentum, YouTube has already released the version of the HTML5 player to support browsers, but the […]