The Internet has become a significant part of every person’s everyday life. Today everyone uses the web for studding and receiving information. Over the years and with the experience big amount of website owners have concluded that there is important business and social logic in making websites accessible to people with disabilities. Almost 25% of the population still faces significant difficulties as Internet users. There are some barriers that can be moved so people with disabilities can receive service at the same level of comfort and quality as the general public. Thus, they will be able to lead an independent lifestyle without being dependent of others. Website owners can make some changes to make it easier for people with disabilities to enjoy the content appearing on the websites.

Automated subtitle production system

One of the ways to ease the way of watching videos is transcription. We understand the great work that will take in order to transcript video content in your website. Videos are now an integral part of many online businesses, the burden of creating subtitles for one video is significant and heavy. Therefore, we are providing an automated system that will independently translate any video you upload. In addition, when subtitles are played in the video player, it will be possible to report a mistake in subtitles. This will give you a pinpointed fix for repairs and you will not need to watch the complete video. Of course, the captions will also be available in smartphones. It is important to note that the subtitles will also be available to search engines. Video content with subtitles receives precedence over parallel content without subtitles.

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