Whistream is a unique video protection product developed by whist.co.il.

Whist exists since 2007 and was established in the devops field. In 2009 we also started to provide streaming video services. But very quickly we saw that there was a hole in the video market. Content producers invest heavily in building quality and original content, but a large amount of it is copied and transmitted across the web. Very quickly the content finds its way into the world of illegal torrents and download sites. Customers contacted us and asked for a solution, therefore in 2010 We decided to engage this issue and indeed gave flash players based solution to this problem. As the technology progresses, the browsers have abandoned flash behind and have passed to the HTML5 standards, we too have progressed and now we are the only supplier in the world that provides a quality, reliable and inexpensive solution to this problem!

Even though our product is very advanced in content security, we continue to develop algorithms and make it harder to steal content, but at the same time to invent the online tutoring video world by listening to our customers and their needs. This brings us a feature after feature that are very relevant to our customers. Our latest developments are the Fast Forward interface and the automatic transcriptionn that will also give you better accessibility to the site.

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