As an online tutor, your content is one of your greatest resources. But how do you protect your content from unauthorized downloading or sharing? That’s where digital rights management comes in.

We are a leading on-demand video platform for online tutors, and we work hard to ensure your content is protected from copyright violations. Our private digital rights management tool is perfect for doing just that.


What is DRM?

The term DRM (digital rights management) has a wide number of meanings. But essentially they boil down to removing control from the content’s end user. DRM gives content permission to a computer program, which stops end users from downloading or sharing it.

Some examples you might be familiar with are:

  1. CDs containing information that stops them from being ripped onto a computer.
  2. An e-book containing restrictions on how many devices can download it.
  3. Computer games or programs having an access key, thus limiting how many people can download a copy.

The purpose of DRM is to save the copyright owner (in this case online tutors) from losing out money through illegal downloading and sharing of their content.

DRM for public digital media contains a fair use agreement. This allows end users to make a certain number of copies of the content, within reason. But our private DRM doesn’t have this function because your content is private.

How does our private digital rights management DRM work?

You begin by uploading your content onto our on-demand video platform. It’s from here that your students can access the content, but only when they have your permission. This will generally be in the form of a link or access key.

Although they can access the video content for viewing, they have no other usage rights. There are no options to download or share content; we have completely removed them. End users will only have basic video playback functionality, and your content remains protected.

Because it’s a private DRM, we encrypt all content on our platform too. This means you don’t have to worry about data issues, as your content is safe from hacks and illegal downloads. It’s securely sent to the end user, who is the only one that can access it.

So rather than paying out for expensive commercial DRM, our private DRM will help to keep your content secure and save you money. This means your most important resources are protected, and that you can see 100% of the money you should make from their sales.

About our DRM

We developed a smart DRM specifically tailored to the needs of online tutors. It protects your videos from unauthorized download from our video hosting platform. Even if the client is able to download your video, the file will be unusable, thus rendering it useless. They won’t be able to share with friends, and the only place they can watch it is on our platform.

copy protection – your users can’t download the video from your website with our drm technology, your digital content and intellectual property staing in your possession.

public domain protection – your users cant file sharing your content from your site, from a URL or from a file sharing.

Our DRM is effective, strong, and affordable to protect your digital content from unauthorized use. What’s more, it’s only one part of our larger video protection platform.

Whistream is an active AI DRM protection to prevent unauthorized use of your videos!